Michael Gervais spent the last three weeks in Rio De Janeiro supporting two different volleyball teams at the Olympics. 

Throughout this experience, there were many moments.

Moments that some would consider of the utmost importance. Moments where medals were on the line. Moments where those with the wrong mental framework might crumble.

That is of course, if we allow those individual moments to define us.

This is an excerpt from Michael’s initial thoughts from Rio: 

If we think that a moment in time defines us, we’ve walked right into a trap- because that could be a gold medal moment or it could be a disaster.

But no moment can define us.

It’s a moment.

Sport is great for this because 99.8% of the time we get to compete again.

We don’t lose our limbs or life in moments of rich competition.

That’s not the case for special operators or soldiers. For people that are fighting for a cause.

Sports and performance and the arts, are not war.

We don’t go to battle, we’re not warriors.

In the truest sense, we are movers and doers that express our capacity within, both mentally and physically, to maybe shift the way we understand how we work and who we are, so we can be there in a more rich way for others if we get it right.

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