Legendary volleyball player Karch Kiraly discusses how he was able to focus deeply and perform in uncomfortable environments.

Challenging practices were important for him. He explained that pushing himself when he felt exhausted was imperative.

“I loved the challenge of being so tired,  so drained that it’s really hard to think straight- and to operate and see if you can get back to thinking straight.”

Karch mentioned a time he was playing in Rio in 114° heat with 99% humidity. A guy across the net from him had a ton of willpower but in Karch’s mind, it was a contest to see who had to call a time out first.

Karch was gasping for air, yet about 25 minutes into the event, his opponent called the first time out. At that point, Karch knew he had won the match.

“I’m not going to back down. I don’t care if I’m getting dizzy at times, and part of me wants to call that time out. I will not be calling that time out.”

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Three-time Gold Medalist, Karch Kiraly is synonymous with the sport of Pro Beach Volleyball. The ‘winningest’ player in the history of the sport, Karch is the only player to win Olympic gold medals in both volleyball categories: beach and indoor.