Stephanie Labbe is the goalkeeper for the Canadian women’s national soccer team and is headed to Rio for the Olympics.

Stephanie truly believes that everything happens for a reason and — as long as you have faith in that — positivity and optimism come naturally.  She is a country born girl, raised on an acreage in a small town in Alberta named Stony Plain.

Sports have always been a way of life for her, and soccer has been her passion since the first day she kicked a ball. Through soccer Stephanie has been fortunate enough to get a university education, play professionally, represent her country, and inspire young children to pursue their dreams.

There have been rough times along the way, and for that she is grateful to have such an amazing support system through her family and friends.  Stephanie hopes to continue to pursue her passion for as long as she is able to, and at the same time, give back to all those who have been a part of her journey.

“I love making myself vulnerable. I think that’s when you open doors to new things. Anytime I can take a risk and be vulnerable, I know I’m on the brink of something incredible.”

In This Episode:

  • Picking between sports growing up
  • Why she supports children playing multiple sports
  • Striving to be a positive influence and avoiding being an “energy vampire”
  • What it feels like to be her best
  • Confronting her coach after being left off the national team
  • The positive qualities her parents instilled in her
  • The mental battle that comes with being a goalkeeper
  • The strategies she’s implemented to live in the moment
  • Understanding which triggers get her in her own way
  • Stepping away from the game to identify what she’s truly passion about
  • Being aware of which things she can control in her life



“I think challenges are what makes you who you are and I totally believe everything I’ve gone though has created the person I am today.”

“I’ve found that when I give my energy to positive things, I get positive energy back.”

“The drive and the commitment I have in sports, I also have it in life.”

“For me it’s all about putting my energy into things I can control.

“It’s always been the mental battle that’s created the rollercoaster of my career.”

“When I come out of my meditation, that’s when I’m the most clear and the most present and I think those moments are the most powerful, so I want to keep a record of that.”

“I never want soccer to feel like a job. It’s my passion and what I absolutely love doing. I truly believe if you find something you’re passionate about and you love doing it, it will never feel like a job.”


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Stephanie Labbé is a Canadian football goalkeeper who plays internationally for the Canada women's national football team, and with the Washington Spirit of the NWSL. She won a bronze medal with Canada at the 2016 Rio Olympics.