I think the totality of what I do is storytelling. It’s the ability to tell a brand story in a way that people will love it, trust it, and be interested in it.

All those things may lead to buying something they make, but what’s fun about what I do is storytelling.

Lots of different things tell the story of a brand.

“When I grew up surfing, wearing a Hap Jacobs t-shirt was something that I wanted to be part of who I was.”

That was Hap Jacobs telling his brand story through the young kids that wore his Jacob surf team t-shirts, his boards, the logo that was on the board, the logo that was on the store.

When we did the stores for Apple we were sitting around talking about the Apple Store and I recited this whole thing about Jacob surfboards.

I wanted to be part of that brand.

We’d surf all morning in South Bay and then we’d go up to the Jacobs surf shop and we’d hang out in the store and get to know the shapers, and get to know Hap if he was there, and talk about surfing.

“The Genius Bar that’s part of the Apple Store was born out of that conversation about wanting to be so much a part of the brand that you can go talk to the purest perpetrators of that brand.”

Hanging out in Jacobs surf shop and talking to the shaper was kind of like going to the Apple store and getting an appointment with the Genius Bar to talk about, “how I can do photos better or whatever you were interested in.”

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Lee Clow is the chairman and global director of TBWAWorldwide, and had been its chief creative officer. Advertising Age referred to him as "advertising's art director guru".