When I’m on a plane, if things are running well, I don’t listen to music, I don’t watch any movies. I’m pretty ok just staring into space.

I’ve had a 20 hour journey back from Australia. I haven’t listened to one single song. I haven’t looked at one single movie. I haven’t read one single page in a book.

I’ve just been with myself and wrote down notes but most of the time it’s just thought.

“I think it’s a competitive advantage if you look at all the distractions that we are having every day.”

You can see it in an airport lounge that people don’t have a minute of peace.

They grab the phone. They look at social media. They flip through some pictures rather than just thinking.

I’ve been telling my teenage kids — don’t distract yourself with something that doesn’t bring you anything.

Of course looking at a couple of Instagram pictures of your friends, that is good fun, but we lack the time for reflection.

I encourage everybody on the campus here [Mercedes AMG F1 headquarters] to take a walk outside rather than surf the internet.

I put my feet on the table and I look outside and people come in and say, “Do you have a minute?” And I say, “No I’m busy.”

With all these things flying at us everyday, with all these channels that distract us, a crucial competitive edge in the future [will be the ability] to activate that thing [the mind] rather than be stimulated with external channels.

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Toto Wolff is the Executive Director and the managing partner of Mercedes-Benz Grand Prix Ltd alongside wider responsibilities as Head of Mercedes-Benz Motorsport.