Before I started my journey on trying to become hard and [figure out] all this bullshit about David Goggins, I first had to master one thing, the fact that I had to become real with who the fuck I am.

I had to stop lying to myself and hold myself accountable.

In the past, I was the person who said, “Oh you know what my hips are kinda hurting, I can make-up this story and just get out of this.”

But I’ve changed because I worked on myself first, before I started on my journey.

So now if I get in that same situation I know I am lying to myself and I am lying to everybody else.

How did I fix the problem?

I stopped telling stories of why I quit and now hold myself accountable for my actions, everyday of my life.

Before you start your journey, you need to have a code, an ethos of yourself.

“Every man and woman must form their own ethos on what they stand for in their life. They have to stand for something or they stand for nothing.”

So, when you are in that situation it’s hard for you to lie, because you can’t lie, because of the standard you set for yourself.

I hold myself to a higher standard than even the Navy SEALs held me too.

You have to hold yourself to a higher standard than anyone else will.

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Endurance Athlete |

David Goggins is a Navy SEAL and former USAF Tactical Air Control Party member who served in Iraq and Afghanistan and is an ultramarathon runner, ultra-distance cyclist, and triathlete.