This conversation is with MMA fighter and legend, Vitor Belfort, on belief, mindset, and overcoming fear.

I wanted to sit down with Vitor to understand how he has created command of his deep love for people and at the same time has the ability to engage in one of the most brutal and violent sports (mixed martial arts).

Vitor grew up in a tough neighborhood in Rio De Janeiro and from an early age knew he wanted to be a world champion.

He came to the United States to realize that dream.

For Vitor, it all comes down to belief.

One of Vitor’s favorite phrases is: “Learn to love what you’ve been taught to fear,” and in this conversation, we have a great discussion on what it really means to fear something and how to overcome it.

Vitor has a deep sense of clarity – of who he is and what he is after in life – and I hope his clarity challenges you to do the same for yourself.

And for those that listen to this podcast this week – Vitor is singing his swan song on UFC Fight Night 124 – January 14 will be his last fight before he retires.

He’s a legend and this could be the last time we get to see him approach mastery in the one of the most ancient and intimate arts of war.

In This Episode:

  • Growing up in Rio, in a tough neighborhood, with many doubters, but a supportive family that made him believe he could do anything
  • The vision he had at age 14… to be a world champion fighter
  • Knowing all he needed was an opportunity to realize his potential; moving to the United States to get his shot
  • Why he believes it all starts with being a dreamer and not listening to the doubters
  • The crazy experience of his first fight, not having anyone to share his fear with
  • How you can use your mind to override your ancient brain
  • How he gets into the right mindset to face fear
  • The flow state
  • His philosophy… Belief
  • How he’s developed such clarity for his belief system
  • Why he’s part lamb, part lion
  • Where confidence comes from


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“In life you have to know how to deal with your emotions. What you can control. What you cannot control.”


“You got to be a dreamer to fulfill a dream.” 


“The challenge of my life is to accept things that don’t go my way.” 


“The only way you going to live your dreams is if you face your fear.” 


“You can make a change by you being the change.” 


“Mastery is the more you give, the more you have. It’s something you have inside, it’s not outside.” 



Footage above is from his first fight (which he references during the podcast) and at the end you see him high five Shaq.


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MMA Fighter at

Vitor Belfort is a prominent MMA fighter and former UFC Light Heavyweight champion as well as UFC 12 Heavyweight Tournament Champion.