This week’s conversation is with Dr. Tim Brown, the inventor of IntelliSkin.

Tim grew to understand his future creation while working as the medical director on the ASP (association of surfing professionals) and the AVP (association of volleyball professionals) during the 1980’s.

As an early innovator in functional taping, he developed a hybrid kinesiology technique known as SPRT (Specific Proprioceptive Response Taping).

Used on athletes from Olympians to NFL players, the technique quickly became a staple in the athletic world as it allowed athletes to function at a higher level.

Tim’s instinctive techniques got athletes asking for taping remedies so often, that he needed something that could do the job when he wasn’t there.

Many late nights of trial and error using remnants of old wetsuits and rash guards, he devised a wearable technology that mimicked his taping technique.

Tim’s goal was to take what he had learned in designing and come up with a comfortable, Smart Compression shirt that would clinically improve posture and spinal alignment for everyone, whether you’re an elite athlete or a weekend warrior.

I wanted to talk with Tim because not only does he have an incredible understanding of the proper function for the human body (both for professionals, as well as, for the rest of us), but also to get inside the mind of an disruptive product innovator.

Tim believes the paradigm for fitness is broken and it starts with getting posture right.

“You can really tell what’s going on in a person’s life just by their posture, just by their demeanor, how they hold themselves, how they carry themselves.”

In This Episode:

  • His Machiavellian outlook on life
  • Moving towards balance… Fibonacci Sequence // The Golden Ratio
  • Working as the medical director on the AVP and realizing the athletes needed a better tape product
  • Why many people have the wrong approach to getting relief for body pain
  • The paradigm for fitness is broken, why it starts with getting posture right
  • The three areas of your body that will keep you healthy: your hips, back, and ankles
  • The difference between flexibility and mobility
  • Why he thinks the medical system is broken
  • The training required to become a chiropractor
  • The impact of technology on posture
  • Why he’s fascinated by nose breathing


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“When I look at somebody’s health, I look at them as what you eat, think and do, that’s really my history. I’m looking at those things because the totality of those three things in different quantities, in different people make up who you are.”

“There’s a difference between flexibility and mobility. Flexibility is defined as the length of a muscle, whereas mobility is defined as the ability for that joint to move and all of its ranges of motion.”

“No position gives the body more energy and more potential than posture, whether you’re an athlete or you’re working at a computer. Our systems communicate better when we have posture, everything works at its ideal level.”

“You could give people great ideas and great tools to work with, but unless they implement them into their life on a regular and frequent basis, change is not going to happen.”


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Founder/Creator at

Dr. Tim Brown is a Chiropractic Sports Medicine Specialist and the Founder/Creator of IntelliSkin, apparel designed to improve posture and performance. He is also Co-Medical Director on the ASP Surf Tour, and the former Medical Director on the AVP Volleyball Tour.