This is an excerpt from Finding Mastery #092 with author and speaker Robert Rabbin in which he shares why breathing is the key to being present.


Robert Rabbin: If you’re not present you can’t be functioning really well.

Michael Gervais: Not at a high level at least.

Robert Rabbin: At a high level yes. So very specifically the whole idea of being present is, so far as I see it, is to not be caught in the thought stream and therefore living in, the projections of the thought stream onto the screen.

How do we neutralize that? I think the most immediate way is your, breathing, it is always present, always here in time. Right. And it isn’t subject to what you think.

In fact, if we just do it for 30 seconds, not as a heavy practice, but just the casual awareness of the sound and the feel of our breathing, it should be easy because it’s always there but we’re going to lose that in about four seconds… where do we go?

Well, we’re going to go into our thought stream. So if we just then return to, a casual easy relationship to the sound and feel of what is, which is our breathing, sooner or later we can inhabit both spaces.

Feel and sound of breathing AND I can be thinking crazy thoughts but I don’t get lost in that. And that’s the game – don’t get lost. Once you’re lost you can’t you can’t do anything until, you come out again.


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