In the conversation with advertising legend Jimmy Smith,  he discussed why embracing the concept of “stresswood” helped him endure tough times with his business.

Once he came to grips with the meaning behind it,  he understood why he was being put through these tough times and decided to embrace it and grow from it.

“This is not God throwing us under the bus, this is not him trying to damage us or hurt us.”

The concept comes from nature, specifically trees.

Jimmy learned about stresswood from Biosphere 2, a structure originally built to be an artificial, materially closed ecological system, meant to demonstrate the viability of closed ecological systems to support and maintain human life; defining mission one as eight humans for two years.

Jimmy explained that in this facility they would plant these trees, yet they would collapse. The trees had everything scientists thought they needed – the right temperature, sun, water, and soil – but they didn’t have any wind.

In nature, trees build up stresswood as they grow, enduring a little more wind with each stage of growth.

That was the “ah hah” moment for Jimmy.

Catch the full conversation with Jimmy Smith here

Jimmy Smith, Founder and CEO of Amusement Park Entertainment, has earned countless awards for his work as a Writer and Creative Director for Nike at Wieden + Kennedy, Executive Creative Director at BBDO and most recently, Gatorade’s Group Creative Director at TBWAChiatDay LA.