Former Navy SEAL Clint Bruce made it clear in his Finding Mastery conversation that there are two things he cares deeply about: relationships and having a purpose.

With that in mind, it makes a lot of sense how he defines a team verse a tribe.

Teams are people that have loosely agreed to be together for a common purpose. A tribe is completely aligned for those reasons.

A team is a group who wears the same colors, gets on the same bus, and gets paid by the same guy.

A tribe is that plus this total willingness to submit itself to the bigger why.

“Having this common why and this conviction to see this why all the way through is what tribes do.”

Teams are brought together for a myriad of different reasons. Tribes are only brought together for one reason – the collective survival and advancement of one particular cause.

“You can affiliate for a million different reasons, but if you affiliate for a common purpose and find ways to repeat that over and over again, you are going to have an amazing life.”

Catch the full conversation with Clint Bruce here

Clint Bruce is a former Navy SEAL who now runs a personal security company in Dallas called Trident Response Group, that manages risks for America’s best leaders, businesses, and families. He is also the founder of Carry the Load (CTL), which provides a way to challenge America to better remember our fallen military on Memorial Day.