You may have gathered from many of our Finding Mastery guests that trying things, adjusting, pivoting, are all consistently brought up during the conversations.

We want to try something new…

I love how passionate our community is.. our tribe. And this isn’t just a one way street, we listen to you.

We’ve heard your feedback on ads so we want to try something else.

We’re going to try out an ad-free model.

If we get enough support to keep this thing going ad-free, we’ll keep it that way, but we need your help to do so.

Any amount is appreciated but if you simply enjoy the free content we’ve been providing for the last 2 years and wish to support us, our suggested donation is $4 per month.. basically $1 a podcast to help us continue to create content for you on a weekly basis and invest in new concepts for you going forward.

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Also – we received some amazing feedback from the initial Tribe Talk..

Thank you to everyone who wrote us – there were some incredible messages and it sounds like you want this as a mainstay.

So for those who want Tribe Talk, a donation of $7 per month will get you Tribe Talk along with other exclusive content that we will create solely for subscribers.

Those that subscribe to Tribe Talk will have the chance to have their questions answered on topics discussed on the podcast in a more targeted manner.

And as I mentioned before Tribe Talk really is a blank canvas..

I’ll answer questions related to the podcast, share my thoughts on different high performance principles, and we’ll constantly be coming up with new exclusive content.. We’ll start with at least 1 Tribe Talk a month and the more people that show their support, the more we’ll create…

If you missed the first Tribe Talk, that one is free and you can listen to it here.

In addition to Tribe Talk, as a premium member you’ll receive a transcript with every episode and be entered into our monthly raffle where you’ll have a chance to receive books, signed memorabilia, and other awesome prizes for our guests.

Thank you for being a loyal Finding Mastery listener and we appreciate the support!


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Dr. Michael Gervais is best known for his work as a high performance and sport psychologist in rugged, extreme and high-stakes environments.
He is co-founder of Compete To Create with Pete Carroll, the Head Coach of the Seattle Seahawks. He also is the founder and host of the Finding Mastery Podcast and is the co-creator of USC's Peak Performance Institute.


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