During his Finding Mastery conversation, social psychologist Dr. Dacher Keltner shared a few specific signals that indicate power has corrupted someone.

4 Signs To Watch For:

1) When people feel powerful they stop looking at other people when they’re speaking.

“If somebody is talking to me and I feel powerful, I look away, I look behind me and that’s disrespectful. So I make sure I really focus on other people.”

2) When people feel powerful, they’re more likely to interrupt others and cut them off.

“That’s impolite and uncivil and a sign you’re disrespecting other people.”

3) When people feel powerful, they’re harsher in their statements to others, in their critiques, in the language they use.

“If you’re swearing at somebody or using really critical, humiliating language that’s an abuse of power.”

4) When people feel powerful they are more inspired by their own experiences and less inspired by other people’s good things happening in their lives.

“If you’re not feeling really moved by what people say that suggests your power is getting in the way of healthier leadership.”

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Social Psychologist, Co- Director at

Dacher Keltner is a social psychologist who focuses on the prosocial emotions, such as love, sympathy and gratitude, and processes such as teasing and flirtation that enhance bonds. He is Co-Director of The Greater Good Science Center and the author of Born to Be Good.