Sean Hutchison is a former US Olympic swim coach and an experienced entrepreneur with a history of building outstanding teams, innovative products, and revolutionary systems for learning and training. Sean, who appears quite reserved, is a closet daredevil who bungee jumps, likes fast cars, cave dives, and loves living on the edge of risk.

Great coaches are natural teachers. They tend to love the art and science of teaching.

Sean wanted to help his athletes achieve their dreams. Recognizing that legendary athletes win because of specific, repeatable motions, he became driven to find a better way to teach movement. Devouring scientific literature on neuroplasticity and partnering with videographers, sound designers, neuroscientists, and other experts, he invented the unique IKKOS approach to movement learning.

As a company, IKKOS initially formed consulting relationships with sports teams, including those at some of the top universities in the United States. Building on these experiences, Sean and his team realized that IKKOS could grow to global scale, giving everyone affordable and effective access to brain-based movement learning. IKKOS products immerse learners in IKKOS training and guide them to better technique within ten minutes.


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In This Episode:

  • What his mother taught him when he was really young
  • Why he excelled more than anyone else in class at a young age
  • Why swimming caught his interest
  • Sticking with swimming despite being able to barely pay bills
  • How he envisioned his swimming team and how it all came out like he wanted
  • What mattered to him more than swimming accomplishments
  • Living a balanced life vs. being the best in your profession/sport
  • Parents who won’t let go will have kids that crumble
  • Describing his functional expertise strategy
  • How to get back on your A game when you’re off it
  • The way his inner critic affects him
  • How you create your own pressure
  • Why he doesn’t think many people are successful
  • Which mental skill is most important



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Sean has trained some of the world’s top athletes, and is regarded as a coaches’ coach. In addition, he is an experienced entrepreneur with a history of building outstanding teams, innovative products, and revolutionary systems for learning and training.