This week’s conversation is with quarterback Sam Darnold on leadership, trust, and confidence.

Sam was just selected by the New York Jets with the 3rd pick in this year’s NFL Draft.

Over the last two years, Sam has been one of the top college quarterbacks in the nation, playing at the University of Southern California.

I’ve known Sam since he participated in the Elite 11 quarterback camp – which features the best of the best quarterbacks coming out of high school. It’s been incredible to see how far he’s come since then.

You might know him as one of the best rookie quarterbacks, but this conversation shows a different side of him: insight, integrity, humility, and honesty.

We discuss everything from his leadership style, why building strong relationships and trusting himself have been fundamental to his success, and how he’s managed the distractions that have come with his quick rise to fame.

“For me, it’s never been about needing something to push me forward to do what I do. I workout every single day and watch film because I love it, because I want to do it. The moment I stop loving what I’m doing, I’ll just stop.”

In This Episode:

  • Being introverted and how that impacts people’s first impression of him
  • His game planning process
  • Letting it happen and finding flow vs. “being clutch”
  • His most optimal state of mind
  • How he prepares for big games
  • What his mindfulness practice looks like
  • Why trust is key to the risks he’s willing to take
  • How develops trust with himself and with teammates
  • The hardest moments he endured growing up
  • How he manages the attention that comes with being the quarterback for USC
  • His strategy for managing the distractions of social media
  • Why he believes it’s easier to live life in an even keel manner
  • Why he’s not worried about playing in the cold
  • The words that guide how he lives his life
  • His views on mastery


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Quarterback at

Sam Darnold is quarterback for the New York Jets. He played college football at USC and was drafted third overall by the Jets in the 2018 NFL Draft.