This conversation is with Rick Welts.

He has 40 years of experience in the NBA and is currently the President & Chief Operating Officer of the Golden State Warriors who have just won their second championship in 3 years.

He owns the rare distinction of being part of championship teams in the NBA (2), WNBA (2) and NBA Development League.

We talk about risk — both private and public risk…. and how important alignment in life is (who you are and how you live your life).

Rick is known to be a world-class communicator – and it comes through in this conversation .

“Do you really understand what motivates you and what gives you satisfaction in your life?”

In This Episode:

  • How a stadium acts as the “town hall”
  • The Warriors new arena and how it involved giving up on a dream
  • The way he thinks about “big” ideas
  • His view on implementing strong culture
  • How to make everyone in an organization feel valued
  • What it means to be a world class communicator
  • Knowing he was gay from an early age but not being able to tell anyone
  • What you can learn from being around people who are different than you
  • Why it was so difficult to come out working in sports
  • How Bill Russell agreed to help him announce the news…
  • How athletes should manage social media
  • Why death is an opportunity to recalibrate
  • Why it eventually comes back to you if you don’t treat people right
  • How he remains calms under pressure
  • The most important thing: knowing what motivates you
  • Business vs. Personal Risks


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“I’ve always been attracted to underperforming, high potential opportunities”

“People who aren’t good communicators are bad listeners.”

“The most influential people in my life are the people who are the most different from me because I feel like I learn the most from them.”

“If you’re really good at doing what you do in my job, in my industry, you’re really not well known.”

“The most important thing to me is that I’ve treated people in a way that reflects my character.”

“Those who are the calmest and thoughtful in the most stressful times are the people I end up respecting the most. It’s a true test of leadership.”

“I think the second you got it all figured out, you got a really big problem.”

“Every day’s an opportunity to reevaluate how you think about everything.”

“If you have the openness to experience life – that accumulation of the experiences is the most valuable thing you could ever have.”


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  • Peter Guber
  • Joe Lacob
  • Dan Cloris, NYC, media guru
  • Dan Barry, Pullitzer Prize Winning Reporter for New York Times
  • David Stern
  • Sonics who were nice to him and successful: Lenny Wilkens, Rod Thorne, Tom Nashiri author + Warriors
  • Reads: SF Chronicle, NY Times, Industry Publication
  • French house music


President and Chief of Operations at

Rick Welts is an American sports executive, serving as the President and Chief of Operations for the Golden State Warriors franchise of the National Basketball Association.