Green Monday Founder David Yeung’s family motto is centered around looking out for others. David describes a story his dad told him about the his grandfather sharing food with their neighbors,  despite almost starving themselves. This story set the tone for the way David lives his life.

The story is from the 60’s in China. Times were tough and food was scarce. David had a big family and it was difficult finding enough food to satisfy the entire family.

A neighboring family was going through extreme hardship and was completely out of food. One night they knocked on his grandfather’s door asking if he might be able to help feed them.

There were already 1o family members at the table for dinner that night and the food on the table was already short of what they needed to feed those 10 people,  yet David’s grandfather welcomed in the neighbors, split up the food on the table, and included them in the meal.

David explains this is how he learned from his father about the core value of his family.

“No matter how tough it is for us, if we have even the tiniest ability to do something for other people who are in a worse position, we try and do something, even at the expense of our own wellbeing.”

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David Yeung is a noted environmental advocate and founder of Green Monday, an innovative social venture that takes on on climate change, food insecurity, health issues and animal welfare with a diverse platform that shifts individuals, communities, and corporations towards sustainable, healthy, and mindful living.