When I talk about self-love, mindfulness is important but it goes a step further for me.

“It includes nutrition – 80% of how you feel on a day-to-day basis is what you put in your mouth and I’m really conscious of that.”

Sleep is very big and there are days I’m horrible at it. I will not say that right now I’m the best sleeper, but it is very important.

“From a war-fighting context, you basically give the enemy a leg up when you rob yourself of the necessary sleep you need. You’re already giving them a win in the column.”

Exercise is also really big.

And lastly, I call it the “lost art of human connection.”

“I think that technology has robbed us of the ability to physically connect with one another.”

Walking around and talking to my Airmen is my oxytocin. My feel good for the day. I also call their parents. That’s my favorite thing to do.

Those are the moments that fill up my tank.

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Jannell MacAulay is an Air Force commander who leads a joint team responsible for supporting rapid global mobility to missions ranging from in-flight refueling to combat operations to humanitarian relief. She is a military wellness expert and founder of the nonprofit organization, Healthy Body Healthy Life.