This week’s conversation is with Peter Park, founder of the Platinum brand and co-owner of the Platinum Fitness Summerland facility in Santa Barbara, California.

He brings to this conversation a history rich of stories from the frontier. A blend of his own limit pushing achievements and 23 years of experience training elite athletes, big-screen celebrities, top touring musicians, and recreation folks that are serious about their fitness, mobility, and longevity.

Peter’s has trained the best of the best — Lance Armstrong, Kelly Slater (11x World Champion surfer), Lakey Peterson (currently #1 in the world right now for professional surfing), Derek Fisher, Al Horford (5x NBA All star), the legend, Diana Taurasi, motocross game changers: Chad Reed, Ken Roczen, and baseball MVP Giancarlo Stanton are among the athletes that Peter has nurtured through various stages of their careers.

Peter recently authored a book called “Rebound” on Foundation training, which lengthens and strengthens the back body, equaling out one’s total body strength, posture, flexibility, and overall body awareness.

In this conversation we discuss what he’s learned from training the best in the world, why Peter struggles with the idea of balance, and what cancer has taught him about embracing every moment.

I hope you can appreciate Peter’s humility and as a friend of Peter’s, I hope you get a sense of the man he his, far more than the craft he’s mastering…. see if you can dig into what he’s searching for, how he goes about it, and why it matters so much to him.

“Mastery is… being the best at your craft, being confident, being able to teach it and then having the ability to shut down and that’s the part I haven’t mastered yet.”


In This Episode:

  • His early childhood: growing up with 11 sibling and not getting much affection from his dad
  • What he’s learned from training the best in world
  • What causes someone to so dedicated to becoming the best
  • The perspective he gained from having a close friend lose a battle to cancer
  • Is balance something he actually wants?
  • The unique relationship he shares with his clients
  • What surfing taught him about facing fears
  • Why he’s never indulged in alcohol or drugs
  • The reason he doesn’t like attention but has learned to accept compliments
  • Placing 10th in his first Iron Man competition and what it taught him
  • The principles that guide his life
  • Getting cancer, going through 7 injuries, and how he fought back
  • What inspired him to write his book, “Rebound”
  • Some basic training tips for taking care of your body
  • His definition of mastery


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“Pressure comes from within.”

“I will myself to be better.”

“You can do anything you want to if you put your mind to it. And I mean that. I’ve seen it happen more than once.”


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Peter’s reputation is anchored and sustained by his ability to perceive a client’s body’s strengths and weaknesses by observing their energy and listening carefully to their personal goals. He understands the competing tug of war many of us face between our daily lives and our dreams. He has a way of motivating people past their perceived barriers and into places of physical strength and physical fine-tuning that they never knew possible.