My older daughter is a bit of a perfectionist not unlike her mother was at that age.

I still am [a perfectionist] but less hard on myself about it.

You have a choice.

A very active choice, which is:

I can make every decision in the hope it will work out perfectly and fail 99% of the time or I can choose “progressive iteration,” which, is you deeply say, “I’m going to make choices everyday; some of them are going to take you forward, some of them won’t, but if I keep at it and I progressively iterate on my ideas and take learning and try to get better, I’m in the pursuit of something but it’s not perfection.

It’s progression.

“I do think progress is a very different driver for me than the destination.”

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As chief financial officer, Amy Hood is responsible for leading Microsoft’s worldwide finance organization, including acquisitions, treasury activities, tax planning, accounting and reporting, and internal audit and investor relations.