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Compete to Create co-founders Dr. Michael Gervais and and Seattle Seahawks head coach Pete Carroll recently published an Audible Original titled, Compete to Create: An Approach to Living and Leading Authentically.

In this Audible Original, you’ll get an in-depth look at how world-class athletes, artists, and entrepreneurs organize their inner lives to thrive in any environment.

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In addition, Compete to Create offers an eight-week online course which takes you through the 16 principles of training your mind, including creating a personal philosophy, setting a vision, understanding character strengths, developing a mindfulness practice, and learning how recovery impacts your performance.

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You may use Uber as a way to request rides and order meals from restaurants you love, but did you know about Uber’s platform designed specifically for businesses?

With vouchers from Uber for Business, you can add $20 to your employees or customers personal Uber accounts, so they can easily order meals through Uber Eats before a meeting.

Right now, Uber for Business is offering companies a $50 voucher credit when you spend your first $200 with vouchers. Go to to learn more.


Brilliant is a problem solving based website and app with a hands-on approach, with over 60 interactive courses in math, science, and computer science.

Brilliant helps you achieve your goals in STEM, starting with one small commitment to learning and building up to long-term challenge and growth.

To learn more and get started, go to and sign up for free. Additionally, the first 200 people that use this link will get 20% off the annual Premium subscription.

Brooklinen, the first direct-to-consumer bedding company, offers a variety of sheets, colors, patterns, and materials to fit your needs and tastes.

And Brooklinen is so much more than sheets! They’ve got comforters, pillows, towels, even loungewear – and more!

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Babbel is designed to quickly get you speaking your new language within weeks with daily 10 to 15 minute lessons.

With Babbel you can choose from 14 different languages, including, Spanish, French, Italian, and German

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Beekeeper’s is on a mission to reinvent your medicine with clean, effective products that actually work.

That’s why Beekeeper’s Naturals created a whole hive of products packed with immune-loving essentials so you can feel your best all day, every day.

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Upstart is the fast and easy way to get a personal loan to pay off your debt – all online.

Whether it’s paying off credit cards, consolidating high-interest debt, or funding personal expenses, over half a million people have used Upstart to get a simple, fixed monthly payment.

Upstart finds smarter rates with trusted partners, because they assess more than just your credit score.

Find out how Upstart can lower your monthly payments today when you go to


Public Goods is the one stop shop for sustainable, high quality everyday essentials made from clean ingredients at an affordable price.

Everything from coffee to toilet paper & shampoo. Public Goods is your new everything store, thoughtfully designed for the conscious consumer.

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Wealthfront creates automated investment portfolios of diversified, low-cost index funds personalized just for you.

To open your account, all you need is 3 minutes and $500 to invest.

Right now, you can visit to get your first $5,000 managed for FREE, for life.


Arcadia is on a mission to make renewable energy accessible for everyone.

Arcadia monitors your personal electricity usage in your home or apartment and matches it 100% with clean energy that is purchased on your behalf from wind and solar producers across the US.

For just $5/month, Arcadia will match 100% of your electricity use with clean energy.

You can learn more and sign up today at And for a limited time, Finding Mastery listeners get your first month free. 


If you want help with erectile dysfunction, Roman connects you with a real, U.S. licensed healthcare professional who can prescribe the medicine you need.

With Roman, you can get a free online evaluation and ongoing care for ED, all from the comfort and privacy of your home.

Visit to get $15 off your first order of ED treatment, a FREE online visit, and FREE two-day shipping.


Libby is a free reading app created by OverDrive that lets you borrow ebooks and audiobooks from your library on your phone, tablets, Kindle, or computers.

Libby works just like your physical library. You simply borrow available books you want to read and then they return themselves automatically after your loan expires.

To get started reading ebooks and audiobooks for free anytime, anywhere, visit here.


MasterClass lets you learn from the best, with exclusive access to online classes taught by masters of craft.

Whether you’re interested in writing, business leadership, cooking, sports, or almost anything else, there’s a MasterClass for you.

For a limited time, you can get an annual membership to MasterClass and give one to someone else for free!

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Nutribullet, who is known for making an amazing blender, just released their new juicer.

The NutriBullet Juicer is designed for efficiency and convenience, so you can enjoy fresh, homemade juice every day.

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Kiwi Co is defining the future of play by making it engaging, enriching and seriously fun!

They create super cool hands-on projects designed to expose kids to concepts in STEAM (science, technology, engineering, art, and math) — from the comfort of home!

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Sakara’s signature nutrition program brings the transformational power of plant nutrition to your home, in the form of fresh, plant-rich, ready-to-eat meals.

Made with organic ingredients and powerful superfoods, each meal is expertly designed to boost immunity, improve energy, support gut health and digestion.

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Kettle & Fire is bone broth carefully crafted by world-class chefs, made with the best whole ingredients using grass-fed, grass-finished cattle bones and pasture-raised chicken bones, organic veggies and spices.

It’s rich in collagen, protein electrolytes, and satisfies even the strictest of dietary standards: Keto and Paleo Friendly, Whole30 Approved, Gluten-Free, Non-GMO.

To learn more about Kettle & Fire and get 20% off + FREE shipping head to or use code FINDINGMASTERY at checkout.


Right Side Up is a collective of premium, fully-vetted growth marketing talent ready for hire.

They will hand select marketers to work with your team – whether you need one person or five, five hours a week or fifty.

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Joovv isolates these red and near-infrared wavelengths of light and deliver them directly to your skin and cells, in the comfort of your own home, with none of the potential downsides of sunlight, like skin damage.

Red and near-infrared light stimulate the mitochondria in your cells, help you produce more core energy to boosts performance and recovery and supports mental acuity, better sleep, and healthy skin.

To learn more and get an exclusive discount, head to


Apollo Neuro is a new wearable that improves your body’s resilience to stress and is proven to improve heart rate variability.

It engages with your sense of touch, using gentle vibrations that signal safety to the brain to help you relax, fall asleep, clear your mind, focus, and stay energized.

Try Apollo Neuro today and get 15% off your purchase at


Tempo Studio, is a complete home gym that packages a 42″ HD touchscreen streaming over 500 live and on-demand classes, a 115 lb olympic weight set, and other accessories in a sleek, free-standing design.

Tempo is the first home fitness system that uses 3D sensors and machine-learning to analyze your motion and provide real-time rep counting, form feedback, and weight recommendations.

Check them out at and use code findingmastery for $100 off.


Hyperice is a wellness tech company that makes devices designed to help you move better. They’re known for the award-winning Hypervolt – the world’s most powerful percussion massage device featuring QuietGlide technology.

From handheld massage devices to vibrating foam rollers, thermal technology, and Normatec compression systems, Hyperice helps you warm up faster, recover quicker, and simply move better.

Get $50 off all percussion devices and $300 off all Normatec packages now, no code needed, and get an additional 10% off with code FINDINGMASTERY at


Vuori offers a new perspective on performance apparel.

Everything is designed to work out in, but doesn’t look or feel like it. It can be used for just about any activity like running, training, yoga; but also great for lounging or weekend errands.

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Athletic Greens is the Most Complete Supplement for a better you. With 75 ingredients covering 11 areas of health, it gives you the optimum nutrition you need to perform your best, everyday.

Whether you’re looking to boost your energy levels, support your immune system or address gut health, now’s the perfect time to try Athletic Greens for yourself.

Visit for an exclusive offer – when you purchase their greens powder, they are now including up to a year’s supply of Vitamin D3/K2 for free.