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Away knows that everyone has a different travel style.

That’s why they make their Carry-On in an array of colors, two sizes, and two materials: a strong yet flexible polycarbonate and anodized aluminum.

Suitcases are designed to last a lifetime: ​But​ ​if any part of your suitcase breaks, ​Away’s stand-out customer service team will arrange to have it fixed or replaced ASAP.

100-day trial on everything Away makes:​ Take it out on the road and live with it, travel with it, get lost with it. If you decide it’s not for you, you can return any non-personalized item for a full refund—no ifs, ands, or asterisks.

Free shipping​ on any Away order within the contiguous US, Europe, and Australia.

For $20 off a suitcase, click HERE and use promo code FINDINGMASTERY during checkout!


Caldera Lab’s “The Good” is a men’s skincare product – named by GQ as the best natural face serum for men.

Whether you’re working with dry skin, acne scars, wrinkles, or want to invest in the prevention side of healthier skin, this is an amazing product.

To learn more about Caldera’s “The Good” and save 20% off any purchase, click HERE or enter the code FINDINGMASTERY at checkout.


ROKA’s mission is about equipping, empowering and inspiring anyone who isn’t afraid of doing hard things, no matter how big or small they might seem.

ROKA makes amazing pairs of sunglasses that are perfect for just about any outdoor activity you can think of.

Every style has patented GEKO no-slip technology on the temples and nose pieces that works no matter how much you sweat or how extreme the use case.

To learn more and save 20% off your order, click HERE


Athletic Greens is the Most Complete Supplement for a better you. With 75 ingredients covering 11 areas of health, it gives you the optimum nutrition you need to perform your best, everyday.

Click HERE for an exclusive Athletic Greens offer for Finding Mastery listeners only – a FREE 20 count travel pack (Valued at $99) with any purchase.


Eight Sleep makes The Pod, a high-tech bed with integrated sensors that track your sleep and a layer that dynamically regulates temperature based on sleep cycle, cooling and heating through the night to enhance rest and recovery.

Try the Pod for 100 nights, and if you don’t love it, they’ll refund your purchase and arrange a free pickup.

For a limited time, get $150 off your purchase HERE.


Four Sigmatic is a natural superfood company that specializes in mushroom-based drinks that benefit our immunity, energy, and longevity, and help us live healthier, more enhanced lives.

They make a wide variety of blends, including mushroom coffee, mushroom elixirs, hot cacaos, matcha, superfood blends, and more.

Four Sigmatic believes in the real magic of functional mushrooms to enhance your well-being.

Get 15% off your purchase at HERE or use the code FINDINGMASTERY at checkout.


Compete to Create’s eight-week online course takes you through the 16 principles of training your mind, including creating a personal philosophy, setting a vision, understanding character strengths, developing a mindfulness practice, and learning how recovery impacts your performance.

Apply HERE and use the code FINDINGMASTERY at checkout for $50 off the course. 


Precision Nutrition, home of the world’s top nutrition coaches, has been working on something brand new for the last 8 months.

Over 70,000 students have been through their Level 1 nutrition certification and in October, they’re releasing a brand new, 4th edition, that’s completely revamped.

Equally rooted in the latest nutrition science and behavior-change psychology, it’s a proven and practical coaching system that shows you exactly what to do at every stage of the nutrition coaching process — from the very first time you meet with a client, until they reach all their goals.

To get on the pre-sale list and save 44% off the regular price, click HERE.