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Compete to Create co-founders Dr. Michael Gervais and and Seattle Seahawks head coach Pete Carroll recently published an Audible Original titled, Compete to Create: An Approach to Living and Leading Authentically.

In this Audible Original, you’ll get an in-depth look at how world-class athletes, artists, and entrepreneurs organize their inner lives to thrive in any environment.

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In audition, Compete to Create offers an eight-week online course which takes you through the 16 principles of training your mind, including creating a personal philosophy, setting a vision, understanding character strengths, developing a mindfulness practice, and learning how recovery impacts your performance.

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Elixinol was one of the first CBD brands on the market and they use full and broad spectrum at the base of the formulation of their products.

Every bottle, every product is traceable and transparent. Every product has its own clear and detailed Certificate of Analysis that can easily be found on the brand website.

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With an Amazon Smart Lighting Bundle, you can turn your home into a Smart Home in just minutes.

It allows you to set every possible mood, with over 16 million light colors to choose from or control the lights in your home with the sound of your voice> Just say “Alexa, turn on the lights.”

Every bundle includes an Echo Dot smart speaker and a Sengled Color-Changing Light Bulb. Learn more and get 20% off your Amazon Smart Lighting Bundle, at


Fundrise is an investing platform that makes investing in high-quality, high-potential real estate as easy as investing in your favorite stock or mutual fund.

They make it easy for all investors to diversify by building you a portfolio of institutional-quality real estate investments….so whether you’re just starting to invest in real estate or looking to add more, our friends at Fundrise have you covered.

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Buttercloth has designed a men’s dress shirt that is actually comfortable.

It’s not stiff and scratchy like typical men’s dress shirts and the blend they use in the fabric has a natural cooling effect that’s perfect for keeping staying cool in summer.

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Mint Mobile provides the same premium network coverage you’re used to, but at a fraction of the cost because everything is online.

Mint Mobile makes it easy to cut your wireless bill down to just 15 bucks a month.

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Ascent Protein offers clean, premium protein with zero artificial ingredients or fillers.

All of their products are Informed Choice Certified to be free of banned substances.

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If there’s something interfering with your happiness or preventing you from achieving your goals, BetterHELP will assess your needs and match you with your own licensed professional therapist.

It’s not a crisis line, it’s not self-help, it is professional counseling done securely online.

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AquaTru is a revolutionary new water purifier certified to remove 15x more contaminants than ordinary pitcher filters.

Its patented Ultra Reverse Osmosis technology is certified to remove 80 of the most harmful contaminants, including chlorine, fluoride, lead, arsenic, PFAS, nitrates, and many more.

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Precision Nutrition is the industry leader in nutrition science and behavior change psychology.

They’ll teach you all the nutrition science you need to feel competent in your knowledge. And they’ll give you their expert behavior change methodology, coveted coaching skills and tools so you’ll have the coaching skills and tools you need to help people make significant changes—in a way they’ll actually enjoy.

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Trends gives you access to a community of industry leaders in virtually every field, where you can learn how to capitalize on emerging opportunities.

Trends is a place where you can workshop ideas and network with other entrepreneurs and investors.

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Miro is an online whiteboard that brings teams together – anytime, anywhere.

Their infinite canvas is perfect for brainstorming, making mockups, organizing files, and managing complex projects.

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Sakara’s signature nutrition program brings the transformational power of plant nutrition to your home, in the form of fresh, plant-rich, ready-to-eat meals.

Made with organic ingredients and powerful superfoods, each meal is expertly designed to boost immunity, improve energy, support gut health and digestion.

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ExpressVPN is an app that reroutes your internet connection through their secure servers so your ISP can’t see the sites you visit.

It also keeps all of your information secure by encrypting 100% of your data with the most powerful encryption available.

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Vuori offers a new perspective on performance apparel.

Everything is designed to work out in, but doesn’t look or feel like it. It can be used for just about any activity like running, training, yoga; but also great for lounging or weekend errands.

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Kiwi Co is defining the future of play by making it engaging, enriching and seriously fun!

They create super cool hands-on projects designed to expose kids to concepts in STEAM (science, technology, engineering, art, and math) — from the comfort of home!

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Babbel is designed to quickly get you speaking your new language within weeks with daily 10 to 15 minute lessons.

With Babbel you can choose from 14 different languages, including, Spanish, French, Italian, and German

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Athletic Greens is the Most Complete Supplement for a better you. With 75 ingredients covering 11 areas of health, it gives you the optimum nutrition you need to perform your best, everyday.

Whether you’re looking to boost your energy levels, support your immune system or address gut health, now’s the perfect time to try Athletic Greens for yourself.

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MasterClass lets you learn from the best, with exclusive access to online classes taught by masters of craft.

Whether you’re interested in writing, business leadership, cooking, sports, or almost anything else, there’s a MasterClass for you.

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Blinkist takes the best, key takeaways, the need-to-know information, from thousands of nonfiction books and condenses them down into just 15 minutes that you can read or listen to.

With Blinkist, you get unlimited access to read or listen to a massive library of condensed non-fiction books — all the books you want and all for one low price.

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If you’re a business owner looking to grow your business, LinkedIn can help you find the right hires to set you up for a strong year.

Setting up a job post on LinkedIn only takes a few minutes and they’ve done a great job with the efficiency in which you can target candidates – you can even target passive candidates.

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