Clint Bruce has no place for shame in his life. He measures shame in time- there’s the event and then the period of time after where you’re unwilling to do something about it.

Time is the one absolute and to give that away is tragic.

“When you come from what I’ve come from with the military experience, you become aware of mortality. The thought of wasting time is the most egregious offense to life that I can think of- and shame is one of the great tragic wastes of time.”

Clint is the founder and president of Trident Response Group, a global intelligence and advisory group headquartered in Dallas, Texas.  In 1997, entered into the elite Navy SEAL Community, where he had the opportunity to deploy in various positions of command and leadership with three consecutive SEAL Platoons, two of which were post 9-11. His Navy career culminated with command of a SEAL Platoon deployed for 9 months in multiple theatres engaged in direct support of the Global War on Terror.

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