Nic Lamb surfs very large waves. He’s a professional surfer on the Big Wave Tour, and was ranked number 4 in the world last year.

A native to the Santa Cruz area in California, Nic is no stranger to a wave called Mavericks. It’s legendary for how heavy the conditions are.

At 14 years old, Nic Lamb became one of the youngest surfers to ever charge Mavericks and was one of the youngest competitors in the event in 2014.

He won the Mavericks contest in 2016 — you need to take a look at this wave (see below).

I wanted to interview Nic to better understand the concept of thinking clearly in rugged environments.

We all have real or perceived threats — we can learn from those who excel, on the world stage, in conditions that are very dangerous.

More importantly I hope people take away a new way of thinking about risk — maybe a new way to re-design risk-taking.

It’s not about physical risk (which could be a mistake for those who don’t tune in because they’re not sure how to learn from surfing).

The real risk is to have the clarity and conviction to stand for something that you love, that you believe in — and this conversation gets into ways to train your mind, body and craft to excel when risk is required – (recovery, imagery, mindfulness) — and — this conversation is a solid a reminder to be in nature, and to progressively prepare and test yourself as often as you can.

Nic is intense, thoughtful, and is charging toward his passions and goals. It’s a fun time to know Nic and watch him push his craft to limits, and the industry.

“If I had all the money in the world, what would I be doing? The exact same thing.”

In This Episode:

  • What’s it’s like to surf Mavericks
  • Learning how to act from those who came before him
  • Why he loves and fears the ocean
  • What happens when he’s trapped under a wave
  • What drives him to crave victory
  • Managing relationships with limited time
  • Implementing a daily mindfulness practice
  • The importance he places on strength, conditioning, and recovery
  • Why preparation is key to risk taking
  • Finding something to obsess over as a starting point for mastery


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“I don’t operate in the fear of death.”

“The shortcut to success is to follow your fear.”

“You gotta risk it if you want the biscuit.”

“If you’re on the path of any sort of success you do your best to master the fundamentals: eating, sleeping, and moving.”

“If you’re just looking to get your mind sharper, exercise.”

“I never think I’m doing enough and I think that gives me an edge.”

“If you lose at least you get a lesson. Make sure you capitalize on that lesson, learn from it, and carry it into your next venture.”

“I think you’re rewarded in public for what you practice in private.”


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Big Wave Surfer |

At 14 years old, Nic Lamb became one of the youngest surfers to ever charge Mavericks. In February of 2016, Lamb won the inaugural Titans of Mavericks big-wave event in Half Moon Bay.