Welcome to Minutes on Mastery — simple and applied insights from those on the path to Mastery. This has been designed to be an adjunct to the full Finding Mastery Podcast — where we sit down with those on the path of mastery to better understand their psychological framework, their path, and the mental skills they use and work to refine along their journey.


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The full Finding Mastery Podcast is considered “long form.” It’s hard to imagine that a 90 minute conversation with someone who’s dedicated their life efforts to the nuances of their craft is “long.”

That being said, though, there is something to be said for distilling insights, into a bite-size and digestible format.

Each guest has amazing insights — and — in 90 minutes there’s lots of information — the Minutes on Mastery adjunct was designed so that we can be reminded, of those insights. That’s it. Just nice and simple applied insights.

These are tips that you might find helpful to listen to when you wake up in morning — or as a nice little nudge during the drive home….. they might be useful as quick little conversation starters with co-workers or family members.

And — you might not have listened to every podcast (maybe you are an entreprenuer and didn’t think that a violinist or a dancer would have relevant insights) but hearing a few Minutes on Mastery clips might be a nice little spark to listen to the full episode.

There’s no substitute for exploring the depth of insight — there’s just no short-cut to that process….but maybe Minutes on Mastery can help increase the frequency of exposure from those that have traveled and returned to tell some stories.

The way I’ve found myself listening to podcasts and audio books is during drive-time. For me, it’s a really reflective and useful way to use windshield time.

Have fun with it.