Liz Wiseman explains how she helps leaders bring out the best in other people.

The “diminisher mindset” is nobody is going to figure it out without me versus the mindset of a “multiplier leader” who thinks people are smart and they will figure it out.

If you really believed your team was smart and would figure it out, you would feed them information and give them challenges,  not goals…

They operate as talent magnets, identify people’s native genius- the think they do easily and freely and then they put it to work on big problems.

“Who doesn’t want to go work where someone recognizes what you are uniquely brilliant at, let’s you do it, shines a spotlight on it, and then challenges you at it, so it gets grown and stretched?”

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Liz Wiseman teaches leadership to executives and emerging leaders around the world. She is the President of The Wiseman Group, a leadership research and development firm headquartered in Silicon Valley. Some of her recent clients include: Apple, Disney, eBay/PayPal, Facebook, GAP, Google, Microsoft, Nike, Roche,, and Twitter. Liz has been listed on the Thinkers50 ranking and named as one of the top 10 leadership thinkers in the world.