This conversation is with Army Major Mike Erwin.

Mike served in the US Army for 13 years, including 3 deployments to Iraq and Afghanistan.

He is the Founder and President of The Positivity Project, a non-profit strengthening leadership and relationships through a deeper understanding of character.

Mike is also the board chair of Team Red, White, and Blue, providing a network that helps veterans to combat their tendency to isolate themselves as they go through a difficult transition from soldier to civilian.

When Mike was nearing the end of his deployment, he looked for a way to continue making a difference, and decided to help veterans returning from war.

He’s on an endless quest to do good for our country and the world.

This conversation is not a military conversation — it’s about relationships and the commitment to help others transition in life

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It’s about finding purpose across multiple professions and staying true to what matters most to you.

“For me, the true definition of optimism is a fundamental belief in the potential of all people and the potential for all situations to improve.”

In This Episode:

  • What inspired him to attend West Point Academy and eventually became an Army officer
  • The high stakes decisions he encountered serving 3 terms overseas, one in Iraq and 2 in Afghanistan where he gathered intelligence to support the Green Berets
  • His belief in positive psychology (the study of strengths and virtues that enable individuals, communities and organizations to thrive) and how it led him to helping veterans post military career
  • His purpose – to help people see the good in one another – through family, communities or faith, and make the country a better place
  • The impact of social media on authentic relationships
  • Tactics for responding to situations in a calm and unemotional manner
  • Present moment awareness



On Philosophy: “My northern star is how can I make our communities and country better through a deeper sense of understanding, appreciation, and respect for each other.”

On Purpose:  “Why create an organization if the need isn’t crystal clear?”

On Recovery: “Getting more sleep allows you to bring more of yourself and a more creative self to the table.”

On Control:  “You can always control your effort and your attitude.”

On Character: “Positive psychology can be summed up in 3 words: other people matter.”


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Mike founded Team RWB in 2010 while he was a Captain in the Army and currently serves as a member of the Board of Directors.  He served on active duty for 13 years, including three deployments to Iraq and Afghanistan.  Mike is currently the President of The Positivity Project and CEO of The Character & Leadership Center.