This week’s conversation is with Michael Rosenbaum, actor, producer, and comedian.

The diverse actor has worked in over twenty films, such as Guardians of the Galaxy Volume 2, Hit and Run, Urban Legend, Sweet November, Bringing Down The House, Pool Hall Junkies and Sorority Boys.

Michael has worked with everyone from Bradley Cooper and Sylvester Stallone to Christopher Walken and Clint Eastwood.

He portrayed Lex Luthor on the smash hit Smallville for seven years and voiced The Flash on the hit animated series The Justice League Unlimited.

In this conversation Michael shares the highs and lows of being an actor in Hollywood – how he’s had to work on caring less what others think and focus on getting to the center of who he truly is and what matters most to him.

I appreciated Michael’s willingness to show vulnerability.

“For me, mastery is figuring out who I truly am and being happy with that person.”

In This Episode:

  • Caring what people think and feeling the need to put on a show
  • Being bullied as a kid and how it shaped him
  • Not knowing if people like him for him or because he’s a celebrity
  • What he needs to get better at: not worrying what other people think about him
  • Working on figuring out he is really is
  • How he’s transformed his approach to facing pain
  • The cost of always feeling like he needed to stay busy in the past
  • Why he’s always wanted to be an athlete
  • What’s been amazing about his experience as a podcast host
  • Vulnerability at the epicenter of living courageously
  • Discussing the differences in acceptable emotions between males and females
  • Why he loves the underdog
  • The relationship between thoughts and emotions
  • How uses imagery to train for different acting roles
  • His approach to becoming more confident in all aspects of his life


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Actor, Producer, Comedian

Michael Rosenbaum is an American actor, producer, and comedian. He is known for his performance in Sorority Boys and for portraying Lex Luthor on the Superman television series Smallville.