The purpose of holding a “State of Finding Mastery” is to discuss findings from the recent survey, announce the launch of both “Minutes on Mastery” and the “Finding Mastery Community,” while distilling some insights from what I’ve learned so far from the various Finding Mastery guests.

We all have the same amount time each day. Most of us require (to be primed for optimal functioning) 8 hours of sleep per night. Those interested in mastery are likely looking to efficiently and creatively maximize the quality of the remaining 16 hours.

Our hope is that the Finding Mastery podcast is an accelerant.

The depth of long form conversations that are loaded with insights can become overwhelming. So, we’ve created another learning process called “Minutes on Mastery.”

Minutes on Mastery



In this episode instead of learning from a guest, we talk through some of the themes that are beginning to emerge from all of the conversations, to include: it’s a windy path toward mastery, harnessing adversity is a common thread, and some of the best don’t consider themselves so.


In addition, we’ve created a “Finding Mastery Community.”

The most requested item in the survey was to launch Finding Mastery “meet-ups.” This is the first step. Through this online forum, members of the Finding Mastery community can ask questions, share content, connect with one another, organize meet-ups, and engage in discussions on the topics related to mastery.

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Become a Member


Some insights from the survey and podcast thus far:

More than 80% of guests value and train both mindset skills and mindfulness.

Entitlement is rare. Doing difficult work is assumed. The most difficult seems to be facing down fear, vulnerability, time not spent with loved ones.

Keep carving your path.

With love and fire,



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