In Part 2 of the conversation with Nate Boyer, he discussed his latest endeavor -“MVP”- in which he teamed up with NFL Insider Jay Glazer to create a program that Merges Veterans and Players, helping them live rewarding lives after their time has come to an end in their respective professions.

“The thing that they love, that they are passionate about, and that they put all their time and energy into one day ends. For them they feel like this is their identity, that’s who they are, and that they won’t be able to do anything else, but it’s completely untrue.”

Nate discusses the importance of post-traumatic growth vs post-traumatic syndrome. The growth element is simply understanding and conceptualizing the fact that they survived all this stuff and did more than most people could ever imagine.

The message he sends to these people is:

“Your football career or military service ended, but your life is not over. It’s an awesome opportunity. You can do whatever you want, anything that you’re passionate about. You have a choice- especially living in America.”

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Nate graduated high school unsure about his path in life. Looking for a challenge and to make a difference, he made his way to the Darfur region of Sudan to help in the refugee camps. The experience, coupled with his memories of 9/11, inspired him to enlist in the U.S. Army as a Special Forces candidate, and he became one of 11 from his class of 150 to graduate with a Green Beret. He has served in Iraq and Afghanistan, earning a Bronze Star for heroism in combat.