Michael Gervais joined Colin Cowherd on his radio show “The Herd” to shed some light on the challenges Jordan Spieth faced trying to stay in the moment at The Masters.

Some topics discussed included:

  • Why someone’s psychological framework is unique to each person rather than determined by other factors such as age
  • The importance of rewarding effort when raising a child- those moments when they strain and strive rather than having them value the outcome, which isn’t in their control
  • The fascination with Jordan Speith not being able to close out and how it draw’s attention to people’s misplaced focus on mistake, failure, tragedy, and hostility rather then celebrating those who go for it
  • Why the pathway through crises is to be present- it’s a skill we can teach ourselves and it’s where all great performance takes place for an athlete

“When people rush, they’re ahead of time. When people are worried about or are thinking about all the things that happened in the past, they are behind the moment. Being on time in the present moment is the pathway through anything that’s challenging.”

  • The reasons we love sport
  •  The meaning of a psychological framework
  • Embracing challenge and why adversity is a part of it
  • Why the fear of failure becomes problematic
  • Staying positive in the face of adversity and committing to the arc of mastery
  • The Seattle Seahawks and how Pete Carroll has created a relationship-based culture
  • The pitfalls of social media in relation to athletes, broadcasters, etc.

“Social media is noise and it allows people to pay more attention to what others are thinking, rather than finding the signal about how you want to experience your life and what it feels like to be at your best.”

  • Where confidence comes from and why social media can lead people astray from finding it
  • The impact of rugged and hostile environments and its relation to sport
  • Why some athletes get caught up in over thinking
  • The basic structures of leadership


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