This week’s conversation is with Matt Jacobson, Head of Market Development at Facebook.

In this role, he focuses on strategic partnerships that connect people to some of the world’s most recognized brands.

Facebook may be one of the world’s largest companies today, but it wasn’t when Matt joined as employee number 8 over 13 years ago.

He took a leap of faith at the time – he believed in their mission and their founder, Mark Zuckerberg, and began working for no salary, only equity.

You could say that bet paid off.

What gave Matt the confidence to join Facebook?

His intellectual curiosity has been a driving force for him for since he was young.

In this conversation, we discuss how that intellectual curiosity has allowed him to stay ahead of the curve, take risks and opened up new opportunities.

Matt understands, values, and invests deeply in relationships so it’s no surprise that his philosophy is: “To be the best part of another person’s day.”

What a cool thought.

“The thing that screws us up most in life is the story in your head of how it’s supposed to be.”

In This Episode:

  • Third generation Southern California, thinks of himself as “surfer” and “Angelino”
  • His experience growing up as an only child in Manhattan Beach
  • The way teachers have inspired him over the course of his life and driven him to love learning
  • Early career: Working at Disney right out of school, transitioning to FOX/ NewsCorp and ending up at Quiksilver
  • How he got started at Facebook: Meeting Mark Zuckerberg for the first in 2005 and why he believed in him
  • How he picks up on early trends… his thirst for intellectual curiosity
  • What excited him about Facebook’s mission from early on
  • Why they were destined to go big or fall flat on their face from the start
  • How he creates meaningful work for himself
  • How they build a strong culture at Facebook: have uncomfortable, hard conversations to cut through the BS
  • His strategies for recovering properly
  • Why he bought the brand Birdwell
  • His philosophy: be the best part of someone else’s day
  • How he manages self-doubt
  • Why he cares about a daily meditation practice
  • His definition of mastery


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Head of Market Development at Facebook

As a public face of the company, Matt Jacobson connects the sometimes disparate worlds of Silicon Valley and Hollywood and build partnerships. Aside from founder Mark Zuckerberg, Matt is now Facebook’s longest-serving employee. He also owns the American surf clothing company Birdwell.