This week’s conversation is with Dr. Marco Cardinale, the Head of Sports Physiology of Aspire Academy in Doha (Qatar).

He started his career in sports science as a Strength and Conditioning Coach and went on to lead the sports science activities for the preparation of Team Great Britain at the Beijing, Vancouver and London Olympic Games.

He has been an advisor to various companies (e.g. Polar Electro, Medisport and Technogym), government agencies (e.g. the European Space Agency) and professional sport organizations and national governing bodies in 5 countries (USA, Italy, Spain, Sweden, UK) before working in Qatar.

In this episode we discuss making the most of opportunities, how to avoid self-imposter syndrome, and his evidence based approach to coaching.

There’s a lot to learn from Marco – he has a unique perspective that only comes from working all over the world, immersing himself in different cultures along the way.

“I never know what’s next but what I do know is if I work hard something good will happen.”

In This Episode:

  • His background in sports science and his current role at Aspire Academy in Qatar
  • Growing up very curious, surrounded by books, parents both middle school teachers
  • Got his first degree at age 19 and attributed it to grit and wanting to prove some of his previous teachers wrong
  • How he found his mentors that directed him on the right path after completing university
  • The mindset that allowed him to continue putting himself in great situations for moving his career forward
  • Self-imposter syndrome and fear
  • What he wants he next generation of athletes to get right
  • How he thinks about grit
  • His evidence based approach to coaching
  • What he’s most hungry for
  • Strategies he recommends for recovery


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Dr. Marco Cardinale is the Head of Sports Physiology at Aspire Academy in Qatar. He was the former Head of Sports Science and Research of the British Olympic Association.