Luke Tyburski has designed the past three years of his life to push the limits of what “we” think to be possible. He’s designed an event to test his mental and physical skills over the course of 12 days, which has been named the Ultimate Triathlon. He’s trained for it for 3 and half years.

On October 20, Luke will be taking on a never before attempted challenge- a 1250 miles in 12 day swim, cycle, and run adventure from Morocco to Monaco; The Ultimate Triathlon.

Part 1: Swimming from Morocco to Spain across The Gibraltar Straight (the mouth to the Mediterranean Sea, and one of the worlds busiest shipping lanes – 12.5miles)

Part 2: Cycling the entire South-Eastern Spanish coastline to the French border (800 miles)

Part 3: Running the equivalent of 14 marathons in just 7 days from the Spanish/French border to Monaco

Some might think he’s off his rocker — Cause he’s certainly dedicated himself to finding his edge – finding the edge of what most people would never want to venture toward.

Some people design their life to stay away from the cliff’s edge – others want to shimmy toward it to take a peek on the other side – some dance on the edge – some hangover the edge and begin to climb into the unknown.

I’m fascinated by the conditions (both internally and externally) that accompany those who dance and climb — and find freedom and joy in the exploration.

In our conversation, Luke talks through the path that lead him to now and the mental framework he uses to push his limits.

If you enjoy our conversation – and find yourself wanting to do more or do differently in your life — I’d love to hear about it.

If you’re as fired up as I am about what Luke is doing — head over to his crowd funding page and support him with $$$$$

Thanks so much for sharing interest and passion. Hope you enjoy the simple joys in your life today!

“During endurance sports, it’s about being comfortable with being uncomfortable.”Click-To-Tweet

In This Episode:

  • Life as a journeyman in soccer
  • Reasoning for doing the ultimate triathlon
  • Why he feels what he is doing just needs to be done
  • Finding the limits and why he wants people to join him on his journey
  • The most difficult moment in his life
  • Identifying where he best fit in with others
  • One phrase that governs his life
  • Dealing with his inner critic
  • Importance of mindset and mental skills in completing his journey
  • Defining success
  • Defining mastery



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Luke Tyburski is an edurance adventurer, motivational speaker, health & wellness coach as well as the founder of The Ultimate Triathlon.