Lisa Kerney is an anchor of the evening and night editions of SportsCenter.

In this conversation we learn what it’s like to have a childhood dream — and — more importantly how to make decisions that map-onto making that childhood dream come to life.

When we see people who are doing what they always wanted to do — they have much to teach us about what it takes to set a long term vision — how to persevere through the ups and downs — and how to fuel the passion that is required to “play the long game.” Lisa has definitely played the long game, betting on herself, her skills, and her family structure to support and challenge her along the way.

I wanted to learn from Lisa how she’s seemingly been able to juggle so many facets of her life — both family and professional. While there’s no silver bullet (rarely there is), she points to the importance of going for “big challenges”, really being open to coaching (not just saying that), and how important being fully locked-in and present is for her to maximize her time with her loved ones.

What I loved about this conversation is that it’s really clear for Lisa — and with that clarity, how the path forward gets much easier to recognize (not any easier to travel, but easier to recognize).


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“If we wait and just keep to ourselves what we want to do then we’re betting against ourselves from the very beginning.”

In This Episode:

  • How she became a SportsCenter anchor
  • Beginning her professional career in low income housing in Beautte, Montana
  • Catching her first break and heading to Seattle for a better opportunity
  • Why she was open to embracing big challenges
  • The moment that taught her to welcome improvement and be coachable
  • How being present helps her improve from moment to moment
  • Being fueled by a competitive family structure
  • Spending time with her children as a trigger to be more present
  • How she manages to balance her personal and professional life


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Studio Anchor at

Lisa Kerney joined ESPN in February 2014 as a studio anchor, appearing on various shows across several ESPN platforms, and now most often appears as anchor of the evening and night editions of SportsCenter.