In this conversation with Keith Power, he shares with us how he’s structuring his efforts on high performance for Malaysia. Imagine working to optimize the human performance strategies and outcomes for an entire nation’s elite sport efforts. It’s challenging enough to do so for an elite sport franchise,  let alone an entire country.

He provides insights on how to align groups of people to pull in one direction. He breaks down his understanding of the art and science of human optimization.

Before trying to get his arms around a nation’s approach to high performance, Keith consulted for a wide range of elite teams and individuals from many sports, including soccer, rugby, track & field, golf, swimming and tennis. He has a deep history consulting with global corporations around the topics of change management and optimization strategies for human capital.

Previously, he has served as a performance adviser to UK Sport, a senior executive member and chair of the Interdisciplinary Sport Science section of BASES, a member of the British Olympic Association Coaches Advisory Group and a coach educator in several sports.

He thinks clearly. Enjoys the nuances and multitude of divergent thought patterns about mastery.

“The number one factor that differentiates the good and the great is self awareness.”Click-To-Tweet

In This Episode:

  • Growing up in London and how sport influenced his early life
  • Getting offered to coach bobsled for the UK and becoming youngest coach at Olympics
  • How to get an athlete to balance external motivation
  • Why concepts used in business coaching are way ahead of traditional coaching models in sport
  • Number one factor that separates the good and the great
  • Definition of failure
  • What makes up his mental model
  • Most important skill for performers to develop
  • Where confidence comes from
  • How he defines mastery



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High Performance Director at

Keith Power has worked with hundreds of elite sport, business, entertainment and military performers, teams and organizations over the past 25 years. He is currently on secondment to the Malaysian Government, as High Performance Sports Director, with a focus on creating a high performance culture and mindset for the entire Malaysian Sports eco system.