Welcome to “The Process” a new audio series from Dr. Michael Gervais and Finding Mastery.

In this series, we’re going to learn about The Process: What really goes on “in the thick of it,” for those on the pursuit of mastery?

In this first season, we’re going to follow Kairos and their CEO Alex Fiance.

Kairos is a global community of fellows, founders & advisors that work together to identify society’s most pressing challenges and then build and fund new solutions to address them.

Over the years they’ve worked with industry-changing companies including FiscalNote, Cera, Rhino, Freenome, and Digital Genius.

They focus on areas where outdated industries and governments are failing to meet our communities’ needs.

Over the course of the next 6 months, we’re going to learn about young entrepreneurs tackling the worlds biggest problems – what are some of the biggest problems? How do they find the entrepreneurs they believe can solve them?  How do they determine which companies to invest in? And we’ll dig into the mindset of these entrepreneurs.

Young people have the ability to make a big difference and we’re going to learn from some of the brightest minds of the next generation.


Episode 1: Introduction to Kairos

On the first episode of “The Process,” Alex Fiance shares some background on his upbringing, why he’s always been interested in supporting entrepreneurs, how Kairos was formed, and why they are focused on “problems worth solving.”


Episode 2: Picking The Right Company To Invest In

Alex shares they’ve made a new investment in a company called iBeat, a smartwatch that continually monitors your heart rate, oxygen levels, and blood flow for life-threatening emergencies.

Topics discussed include why they chose to invest, their process for determining if a company is the right fit, what Alex believes are the most important traits for an entrepreneur to have and answers a few questions from the Finding Mastery Tribe.


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Co-Founder at

Alex Fiance is co-founder of Kairos, a company building and funding solutions to today's big challenges. He is on a mission to focus the world's brightest young minds on innovating in areas where old industries and governments have failed.


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