This week’s podcast is a bit unique. It’s with singer-songwriter Jewel and also features a guest appearance from Wisdom 2.0 founder Soren Gordhamer.

Soren’s brought tech leaders and wisdom leaders together to have a deep exchange of ideas and practices with one purpose: how to better impact the living and working environments for us and maybe the next generation.

If you’re not familiar with Wisdom 2.0, I encourage you to go check it out. Their next conference is in San Francisco from February 17-19.

This conversation is primarily about Jewel – her path, her insights and where her music comes from.

Jewel’s path is completely her own, yet at the same time: just like yours, just like mine, just like so many of us.

She touches on universal concepts and principles that cut across humanity; that cut across all people.

It’s the deeper calling to belong to love, to touch our own potential and humanity, to adjust to the difficult and stay true to what authenticity means.

To me that is a fundamental skill and approach to life, that is right at the center of what she’s about.

Her courage is demonstrated by her willingness to look within and not turn away from what is painful and dark –and there lies the spring from where her truth is expressed — and — in return the music, the movements, the words, and thoughts that come together to form beauty.

I hope that comes across in this conversation.

As a reminder these conversations are long form. There’s no way to hack or shortcut the insights that people have worked their entire life to try to understand– so there should be no short cuts for the learning either.

We want to be proficient and as expedient as we can possibly be in learning, but at the same time let’s embrace the long form and the watering of ideas, knowing that there’s so much more to still unpack.

In this conversation, we jump into why fear is a “thief.”

Isn’t that a cool word for fear?

We also discuss doing the hard work to figure out who you truly are, what forgiveness means, and why perfectionism has been an inhibitor to mastery for her.

I want to share this idea one more time that, “Everyday is an opportunity to create a living masterpiece.

This conversation pulls on that thread like you wouldn’t believe. So together hopefully we can make this commitment to carve our unique paths with some fuel and some fire and really get after it in life.

“Striving for perfection puts a ceiling on your ability for actual genius.”

In This Episode:

  • Being raised in a dysfunctional family: divorce, drinking, abuse, transient lifestyle
  • Having a front row seat to the coping mechanisms that go along with drinking
  • Moving out of the house at 15 and living out of her car
  • Learning to face pain and overcome panic attacks
  • How she came to be aware and value her sexuality
  • Why fear is a thief
  • Doing the hard work to figure out who you truly are
  • What forgiveness means to her
  • Using her platform to empower others
  • Why perfectionism is an inhibitor to mastery
  • Learning to practice self-love with “antidote” thoughts
  • The impact of Internal vs. External Motivation
  • How she mastered habit development


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Jewel Studio


“I was probably the only 4th grader that went from class to the bar.”

“I learned that pain has a rhythm and I had to learn how to trust the rhythm.”

“Perfectionism makes you careful, it doesn’t make you great.”

“The willingness to live in the unknown is where the good stuff happens.”

“Nobody’s all good and all bad, we’re just a mixture of skill sets that we learn.”

“Life is really about doing this archaeological dig back to our wholeness, back to our real self.”

“Forgiveness isn’t a gift that condones the other person. It’s a gift you give yourself.”

“You never really outrun pain.”

“I found if I got curious and asked myself questions, I would get answers.”

“Unless you learn a new behavior you will repeat the same behavior.”

“What does it take to be an artist? It takes great humility. You constantly have to think you have something to learn.”

“I don’t think fame changes you. It accentuates who you are.”

“I want my life to be my best work of art. I don’t want my art to be my best work of art.”


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Singer-Songwriter |

Jewel Kilcher is an American singer-songwriter, guitarist, producer, actress, author, and poet. She has received four Grammy Award nominations and, as of 2008, has sold over 30 million albums worldwide.