In this conversation we sit down with Jan Singer.

Jan is the Chief Executive Officer for Victoria’s Secret Lingerie, the world’s most recognized and beloved intimate apparel company.

There are thousands of apparel companies across the globe. How do the successful one’s stand out?

Part of the success is tapping into the psychology and philosophy of their potential customers. The clothes we choose are in many ways a reflection of our personal philosophy. Jan has a clear understanding of how important it is for her to be clear, open and authentic. Her philosophy impacts those that work with her, and ultimately shapes the experience of the product and customer experience.

We all have choices we make everyday – of our actions and our thoughts — and how we choose to spend time and money.

This conversation touches on that very issue — choice — and the process to choose thoughts that serve us well.

Jan’s authenticity in the conversation is a hallmark for her success in leadership.

We learn about her leadership style and what she learned from her time at Nike, where she held various senior roles for more than 10 years including Vice President of Global Apparel and Corporate Vice President of Global Footwear.

Jan has an uncanny ability to push incredibly hard, to persevere and also has the self-awareness to understand that making time for recovery is just as important.

We discuss the role mindfulness plays in her every day life and a personal moment that made her reevaluate what she values most to this day.

Jan has incredible spirit, has silenced her doubters time and again, and is someone I’ve loved knowing and am excited to introduce you to through this conversation.


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“I think confidence comes from the continued pressure testing of the edges.”

In This Episode:

  • How an eating disorder in high school made her curious about the power of the mind
  • Why having a growth mindset is integral to her style of leadership
  • What happens when she disagrees with another’s point of view
  • Why she needs space to recover in order to be her best
  • Her philosophy: We all control our own destiny
  • How she manages her inner dialogue
  • The role grit plays in her daily life
  • Why she believes confidence comes from testing the edges
  • How she defines success
  • Her mindfulness practice and the fragility of the now


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Jan Singer is the Chief Executive Officer for Victoria's Secret Lingerie, the world’s most recognized and beloved intimate apparel company.