James Bond, co-founder of Undefeated, is one of the most recognized and well-curated sneaker boutiques in the world. 

With its themes of victory and virtue, James oversees Undefeated’s designs and development of apparel, accessories, and coordinates footwear for the modern creative active lifestyle. James has also developed and brand designed for David Beckham, Mesut Ozil, Adidas and Nike. 

“If you’re never gonna take the risk, you’ll never know.”Click-To-Tweet

In This Episode:

  • Growing up mixed race in a tough Philadelphia neighborhood
  • The impact his grandpa had on his sense of style
  • Abusing alcohol & drugs from the early age of 11
  • Dealing with anger growing up
  • Wanting to be someone he wasn’t
  • Moving from Philadelphia to LA and his introduction into sneaker heads
  • How he got into show business
  • Evolving from shoes to designing a clothing line
  • What triggers his creativity
  • The importance of valuing family



“If I’m going to do something, let me at least take a couple steps up so that at least I’ll learn a new greeting or a hand shake or little subtle things that as I get older I find are helpful for me in different situations.”

“The minute you stop affording yourself the ability to learn something, it’s over.”

“Honesty is the true intimacy.”

“I’m open to the fact that I’m not perfect.”

“I’m not defined by what I do, I’d like to be defined by who I am.”


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James Bond co-founded the high-end sneaker line Undefeated. Artist and community arts advocate Karen Kimmel just launched a line of abstract children's stencils in design destinations such as the Los Angeles County Museum of Art store.