In the conversation with Katie Holloway, she discussed how she’s been able to turn the pain of being bullied throughout her childhood into a positive.

She believes protecting your heart doesn’t get you anywhere. Rather, only when you have an open heart, can you move forward with anything and allow yourself the pain to learn and grow.

“You have to allow yourself stress to make yourself better.”

Growing up, Katie hated being in a state of discomfort, but as she’s matured she realized how important it is and has learned to seek it out.

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Katie Holloway was born without a fibula in her right leg and had her right foot and ankle amputated when she was only 20 months old. However, her impairment did not stop her from amassing an impressive athletic collegiate career in both volleyball and basketball. She is the face of the USA’s sitting volleyball program, and is aiming for gold at Rio 2016, after winning silver in her previous two Paralympic Games appearances.