James Bond believes in sharing his philosophy up front with his colleagues. The key is both communication and trust.

“This is how I need it to be. I’m going to give you my piece. I’m going to give you my thoughts. And from that I want you to put it through your lens.”

It’s vital that he says it from the beginning,  not after the fact. 

“I didn’t waste someone’s time. I didn’t disrespect their process. I think that’s the hardest part is people feeling disrespected or hurt.”

When you don’t say what you want from the beginning and come at it at the end, you haven’t respected their lead up to that process.

“If you know where I’m coming from, then the mistakes, the opportunity for loss or any of those other things is completely cut out of the mix.”

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James Bond co-founder of Undefeated, one of the most recognized and well-curated sneaker boutiques in the world.