Coaching is such a powerful role in people’s lives. It takes up so much space. And the things that go into making a great coach are first being a really compassionate caring person that has a real interest in people growing. That’s kind of the center of it.

And the art of coaching is very different than the science. So the science is like the Xs and Os of the technical skill that we’re trying to teach somebody. But the art of coaching begins with really understanding the value of the person in front of you. And that art that high regard that a person has for another is at the center of great coaching.

We believe that there are probably 2-3-4 seconds maybe between a performance outcome and a coachable moment. And in that 2-3-4 second time frame, we have the opportunity to either really destroy somebody’s self-confidence or enhance it. We have an opportunity to really validate who they are as a person or berate them publicly.

That space between the expression of the outcome and what we’re about to say to them is a really important space, because it really defines young minds, how they think about themselves taking the credibility from an adult voice.

So the art of coaching and the presence of a coach in a person’s life just can’t be overstated. And to really care about another human being in this process is at the center of being a great mentor, a great coach, a great parent, and a great teacher.