NHL great Pat LaFontaine speaks to incoming NHL rookies on how to consistently perform at a high level and maintain success in the league. He believes it comes down mindset and having an even keel whether things are going good or going bad.

“If you’re going to let the highs get too high, the lows are going to be a lot lower and longer.”

Pat stresses that if you can find a consistent mindset, you shouldn’t have a problem then finding a consistent play set. Progression is important and when you can bring your average up on a regular basis, then you’ve really made it. To Pat, the most difficult thing is being a pro, who comes consistently, night after night after night, and brings his “A” game, year after year after year.

“You can be in physically great shape, skill wise unbelievable, but you haven’t really done anything until you can be mentally tough and have an even keel.”

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Pat LaFontaine grew up in Waterford, Mich., loving the game of hockey. He embarked on what would prove to be a very successful 15-year NHL career by signing with the New York Islanders. LaFontaine would go on to play eight seasons with the Islanders, followed by six seasons with Buffalo, where he captained the team from 1992-97. His best year came in 1993 when he scored a career best 148 points. LaFontaine then finished his career with the New York Rangers in 1998.