In the conversation with Steven Kotler, he talks about the value that comes with making lists for both what you’ve been successful at and what’s caused you trouble.

“I have a list on a piece of paper that says, shit to understand when everything else is going crazy.”

Steven uses this list to help remind him what is going wrong when his writing isn’t working.

The list reminds him of the causes,  the symptom he’ll experience for each, and provides a solution since it’s difficult to come up with the solution when he’s in the thick of it.

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Steven Kotler, a New York Times best-selling author and award-winning journalist, teaches us about “going for it” — and the path through chronic pain that has led him to explore the neurobiology of flow.

Kotler is the cofounder and Director of Research for the Flow Genome Project, an international organization, dedicated to putting flow state research onto a hard science footing.