David Epstein is author of the New York Times bestseller The Sports Gene. He is a science writer and investigative reporter at ProPublica, and before that was a senior writer at Sports Illustrated, where he authored or co-authored a number of the magazine’s most high-profile pieces. His work has appeared in print, radio, and broadcast outlets from the New York Times and National Geographic to This American Life, the BBC, and ESPN, and has won a variety of domestic and international awards. Prior to becoming a science writer, David was a science researcher, and in that role lived and worked both on a seismic research vessel in the Pacific Ocean as well as in the Arctic. David also serves on the advisory board of Classroom Champions, a non-profit that uses technology to connect Olympians and Paralympians to underserved classrooms for the purposes of digital mentoring. He was an 800-meter runner and University record holder at Columbia University, where he studied geology and astronomy. He has given talks about genetics and high performance science on five continents, and his 2014 TED Talk on improving athletic records was one of the most viewed of the year.


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