What allows one man to move from elite sport (NFL) to elite special forces (Navy SEALs) to serial entrepreneurship? Clint Bruce shares his approach towards life and performance, and his search for elite.

In Clint’s words:

I’m an average guy who has been blessed to be a small part of mighty moments, teams, and units. That’s not by luck or mistake.

Rather than letting “averageness” limit or lower my expectations – it forced me to learn early what is true of any “great” achievement: we all needs angles, allies, and advantages to do anything meaningful – anything bigger than ourselves.

Gifting has something to do with success, but not as much as one might think. My life is an example of knowing when, how, and who to join forces with in order to do things bigger than myself. And my desire has always been to be a part of something bigger than myself.

A great NFL Linebacker once told me, “Clint – everyone gets the ring, or no one gets the ring.”

What did he mean? We all win, or no one wins.

An old Navy saying is, “rising tides raise all boats.” What does it mean? When the tide rises, everyone rises.

I believe both of these statements deeply. I’ve bet my life on them. 

If I have a gift at all, it is this – I know I need good people around me. I am a Tribal person. And Tribes beat teams every day.


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“Whenever I haven’t had a ‘why,’ I’ve found myself unwilling to unleash the best parts of me.”

In This Episode:

  • Transitioning from SEAL team to business
  • The importance of performance from the neck up
  • Business as a delayed gratification
  • The difference between a profitable and provisional business
  • Clint’s three businesses and what they represent
  • Knowing who he is
  • Building a team vs. a tribe
  • Becoming a tribal person
  • Coping with pain
  • Why being blessed is a by product of doing well for others
  • Defining risk
  • Meaning of gratitude



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Bruce is one of the most decorated Navy Athletes in the Academy’s history. He was a four-year letter winner, captain of the football team, MVP, and named to multiple all-star teams during his career. Bruce is also one of the few service academy athletes given the opportunity to play professionally with both the Baltimore Ravens and New Orleans Saints.