This week’s podcast is with Chris Ashenden, the co-founder of Athletic Greens.

Now I want to be totally transparent here – Athletic Greens is a partner of the podcast but I wouldn’t be comfortable having Chris on unless I fully believed in the product and their mission.

In this conversation, we touch on Chris’ upbringing and how his experiences traveling around the world with his family shaped him — and ultimately was the impetus for the creation of Athletic Greens.

There were times where Chris was close to broke – living on a diet of rice and beans just to get by – but Chris never gave up.

He refused to alter the quality of the product or the mission of the company even if it meant potentially losing everything.

Chris is grateful he stuck to what he believed in and it becomes clear how his philosophy has rubbed off on the company.

We discuss how to create a culture that stands for honesty and integrity and how to best develop trust with others.

I hope this conversation inspires you – that it’s possible to do things the right way, live with integrity and still succeed in business – and for that matter life in general.

And one last thing – support Athletic Greens and their mission while you’re at it!

“Mastery is the ability without conscious thought to execute at a very high level.”

In This Episode:

  • His previous entrepreneurial efforts: where he went right and wrong
  • The joy he finds in building relationships with others
  • How backpacking with his family and living in Tokyo shaped him
  • Why traveling is so important to him to this day
  • Getting hepatitis while traveling and needing to find a cure
  • Creating a culture that encourages honestly and integrity
  • How he builds trust with others and how it’s best developed
  • The impetus for starting Athletic Greens
  • What he’s most proud of in the process of building the company
  • The moment where he was close to broke and had to make a critical decision on the company’s future
  • The courage to be open and vulnerable


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Co-Founder at

A native of New Zealand, Chris is an entrepreneur, a health and fitness expert (from necessity), and world traveler. He is the co-founder of Athletic Greens, an all-in-one supplement that industry experts swear by as their nutritional insurance policy. Chris is passionate about health, happiness, living outside the box, and leadership in an entrepreneurial setting