This is part two of the conversation with Cal Fussman.

In part one, Cal took us deep and he took us into many different parts of his life that were wonderful and surprising. We also had a banter back and forth about questions and responses to questions and the art of storytelling.

In part two, he just takes us for a ride. There are so many wonderful stories that he shares with us and what I want to challenge us to do when we’re listening is to listen to the art of storytelling.

The nuances and the nuts and bolts of the story are important because they’re fun, but see if you can go down just a level deeper or two levels deeper to listen how he’s constructing and what he’s really articulating through the storytelling craft that he’s mastered.


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“I try and turn my darkest moments into my lightest moments.”

In This Episode:

  • Getting knocked out at golden gloves
  • Redeeming himself fighting Julio Caeser Chavez
  • The art of storytelling
  • Getting a firsthand look into storytelling as mastery rather than explaining it
  • Why competition fuels mastery
  • JFK’s assassination marking the beginning of his quest to learn
  • How the power of a question dictated his whole life
  • Receiving a letter from the President Lyndon B. Johnson at age 7
  • Discussing what risks are worth taking


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Cal Fussman is a New York Times bestselling author, writer-at-large for Esquire Magazine, keynote speaker and corporate culture consultant.