In this conversation we learn from Ariana Kukors, who is a USA Olympic Swimmer, current American Record holder and former World Record holder in the 200-meter individual medley (long course).

A 2-Time World Champion, Kukors has won a total of seven medals in major international competition- two golds, three silvers, and two bronze spanning a 10-year national team career. After barely missing the 2008 Olympic Team, she set out to explore a deep understanding of her mind and craft. The result was a 2009 World Title and a berth on the 2012 Olympic Team.

Is there a shared thread for those who break barriers? Likely a handful of shared experiences and themes will emerge as we better understand those who pursue mastery. One shared thread might be the required resilience demonstrated only after facing and experiencing hardship, pain, and/or personal loss.

If you’re wanting to better understand the nuances of a psychological framework that supports growth in the face of failure, you’ll enjoy where this conversation goes.

If you’re wanting to understand a strategy for parenting while your child has taken the risk by chipping all-in and going for it, but is left behind by the “in” group, there’s loads of insight on parenting here.

Deep training // courage // failure // risk taking // mindset skills // breaking // resiliency // parenting // world leading performer.

Following her retirement in 2012, she set out to apply those same frameworks in her post-athletic career.


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“When it came down to making the Olympic team, it was being calm that saved me.”Click-To-Tweet


In This Episode:

  • Having everything you could want in a childhood and being active
  • How her upbringing made her an Olympian
  • Impact of having a serious competitor when growing up
  • Person that shaped her life toward mastery
  • The dark side to sport and mastery
  • Starting out at the Olympic trials
  • Dealing with the pain of blowing the last lap at the Olympic trials
  • How her dad supported her during the loss at Olympic trials
  • Showing up at the world championships with a quiet confidence
  • The moment that defined her gold medal-winning race at the world championships
  • Valuable habits that got her to where she was
  • How to deal with her inner critic
  • Her most important mental skill
  • Defining success
  • Defining mastery



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Ariana Kukors is an American former competition swimmer and former world record holder in the 200-meter individual medley.