Some design their life to “go for it” and others research those who do. It’s a joy to know Alyssa Roenigk, who is doing both. Alyssa lives fully – thinks deeply – and captures the point of view and insights from people who have chosen adventure as a way of living. She’s trusted by elite action and adventure sport athletes (what many people refer to as “extreme sports”).

Alyssa is fascinated by those who excel in high risk scenarios – and – what separates those who see the world differently, then act on those ideas independent of the real and perceived consequences.

Alyssa is a senior writer at ESPN. She’s part of the on-air team for the X Games and host of the studio show X Center during the 2011 summer X games – as well as – World of X Games and several other live events.

She’s covered handfuls of Olympics and is a world record holder herself in the Gazelle Rally.

If you’re interested in practices to help you excel in risk-filled environments – I think you’ll love this conversation.


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“It’s fun to work on the things you are good at, but to be great at things you have to work on the things you are bad at or that aren’t as fun.”

In This Episode:

  • What defines action sports athletes
  • Growing up wanting to be Terry Bradshaw
  • Moving from form to formless
  • Pitching the “Madden Curse”
  • How she finds threads to write about
  • How people do things that don’t seem possible
  • The challenges of writing
  • How she works through the creative process
  • Dealing with doubt in writing
  • Practicing the things you aren’t good at / working on your weaknesses
  • Why movement defines her


Senior Writer at ESPN The Magazine

Alyssa Roenigk is an editor at ESPN The Magazine. Her work covering action sports, both in print and for, has led her into countless acts of recklessness, including jumping a go-kart into Travis Pastrana’s foam pit. A Floridian at heart and a Pennsylvanian by birth, she lives in New York City but doesn’t spend much time at home.